Outside fridge

The cold truth about your fridge: So what temperature should it be, and which shelves are best for what foods? Your ultimate guide to getting the best out of your fridge 

BySarah Rainey For The Daily Mail

2) What are the harmful substances in fridges?

Most fridges made before 20contain Chlorofluorocarbons (‘CFCs’) or Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (‘HCFCs’) in their insulation material and/or their refrigerant. CFCs and HCFCs are manmade compounds comprising carbon, fluorine, chlorine, and hydrogen. Non-toxic and non-flammable, they were used extensively in aerosols, refrigerators and solvents until it was discovered that the CFC molecules were being broken down by Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and releasing a chlorine atom that was reducing ozone in the atmosphere.

Ozone depletion causes increased levels of harmful UV-B radiation to reach our planet. As a result, an international Treaty (the Montreal Protocol) was signed to phase out their production.

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Steam dishwasher

Some things to keep in mind

Of all major appliances, dishwashers are among the easiest to tell when they’re not doing their job. Sopping or food-encrusted dishes mean something’s not right, but it might just be your loading technique. Some dishwashers need rinse aid or they’ll leave everything wet, thanks to their condenser drying mechanisms. Modern detergent actually reacts to the enzymes in foo so if you pre-rinse your dishes, it won’t properly activate.

Your owner’s manual has diagrams of how you should position your dishes so that the spray arm can reach everything.

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Dishwasher Steam Pre-wash

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Personalised latte mug

Add Some Sweetness To Your Coffee With A ClaireaBella Latte Mug!

Everyone loves a good chat over a hot latte, so get your mates round and have a properly fabulous coffee morning in your own home, thanks to these gorgeous ClaireaBella Latte Mugs. With an absolutely spectacular personalised design on each one, these tall latte mugs are the ultimate accessory to bring that at-home chic!

Only the Best Engraved Round Trinket Box

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Printed promotional mugs

At the World of Mugs, we’ve kept our fingers on the beating pulse of the promotional products industry for over years. Our new Bone China, and earthenware mugs set a benchmark for corporate promotional gifts. With a huge range of colours and finishes for our promotional mugs, cups and glassware, we work with your brand to find the best marketing solution available – bar none. Continue reading “Personalised latte mug”

Best price gas hobs

burner gas hob, Zanussi 1600rpm washer dryer and Delonghi toaster kettle

Walsall, West Midlands Burner CDA Mpodel (HCG 7bl) gas hob (50cm by 68cm) £50Zanusssi 1600rpm Washer dryer for sale £100Delonghi Kettle and toaster (red) £50All in good conditionWill open to offers for all three

Buy Gas Stoves Online at Paytmmall.com

Amplify your kitchen quotient with the all new gas stoves and cooktops available at Paytm Mall today. Whether updating your household appliances for your current kitchen setting or shopping for a new kitchen, a gas stove is a must. And no place better than Paytm Mall to fulfill your need for a cooktop that suits your kitchen décor.

Choose Gas Stoves from most renowned brands like Advanta, Agni, Bajaj, Bravia, Cookplus, Glen, Greentech, Hindware, Hotsun, Prestige, Sigma, Signoraware, Sunflame, Usha, Walmart and many more.

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Interesting mugs

LunAzuL Gallery, your source for handcrafted items, moscow mule mugs, indigenous art, unique gifts

Shop About Contact us

LunAzuL was started out of our joy of art, travel, and desire to learn about unique cultures. We bring forth unique one-of-a-kind gifts and art.

After years of operating other businesses, we decided to finally put together something we love and both have passion for. After traveling to remote areas and visiting indigenous cultures, we fell in love with Mexican folk crafts, native arts, and unique items of the world. We wanted to share our findings with the world and build a business around our passions.

Printed promotional mugs

At the World of Mugs, we’ve kept our fingers on the beating pulse of the promotional products industry for over years. Our new Bone China, and earthenware mugs set a benchmark for corporate promotional gifts. With a huge range of colours and finishes for our promotional mugs, cups and glassware, we work with your brand to find the best marketing solution available – bar none.

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Wholesale vinyl

Wholesale Vinyl Rolls in Chicago

Vinyl is the perfect medium for a variety of signage applications, and comes in a wide range of colors and types. Be sure to read about each type of vinyl material for signs to ensure the best fit with your project. With different options for vehicle wraps, outdoor signs, vinyl for real estate signage and special material for safety and emergency signage, finding the right material is easier than ever.

Buy Vinyl Fencing at Wholesale and Save Big!

Save on your new vinyl fence by purchasing at wholesale prices. View a list of our locations today. We have several distributing warehouses in almost every state. Benefit from our low shipping prices at ONLY $75!

Look through our selection of wholesale vinyl fencing and you can see that we have the best bargains. Browse through our PVC Vinyl fences, as well as our rail vinyl fencing to find options best suited to your needs. We excel in providing superior quality vinyl fencing to our customers.

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Dishwashers offers

Special Offers – Dishwashers

As well as the lowest prices we also go that extra mile with a huge range of offers available. There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you buy the product you need at the best price and also get great service and offers on top; that’s what you’ll get with Appliances Direct.

9. Swan Retro Dishwasher

Very There are nine other colours to choose from with this model, as well as matching retro-inspired products from sensor bins to kettles and microwaves. Those clean lines mean you will have to open the door to check on controls if you don’t programme correctly first time, but the chunky pull handle made it easy to access. Upper and lower baskets were well positioned at default setting, giving taller glasses room on top.

This model’s efficient cleaning and the well-balanced height of its baskets meant tall glasses fitted in its top slot with ease. Continue reading “Dishwashers offers”

Gas barbecue uk

12. Jensen Grill Estate 1: £39 BBQ Store

Handmade in Denmark, Jensens don’t come cheap but are the only combination grills that make it possible to barbecue with gas, charcoal or – thanks to the unique height adjustment system and movable trays – a mixture of both at the same time. The precision control, top texture and fabulous flavour blew us away and as it’s made from top-notch stainless steel, it doesn’t rust. There’s a handy in-built thermometer, an innovative cleaning system and plenty of genuinely useful accessories from fish grills to frying stones.

This one feeds around six or eight people, although larger models also available. Michelin-starred chef Claus Meyer is a fan.

9/Argos Premium Gas BBQ

With four main burners, a warming rack and a side burner for prepping veggies, this is a one stop station from which you can feed up to ten people. The handy shelf space underneath means you can store all your utensils and sauces conveniently and the hood keeps things warm whilst you eat. Continue reading “Gas barbecue uk”

Fitting an integrated fridge freezer

Hassle-Free Connection of your new Cooking Appliance

Need help getting your new Range Cooker set up? Need your Cooker, Oven or Hob professionally connected? We can take care of any cooking appliance, whether freestanding or built-in.

The fully professional and registered installers will be able to connect any Electric, Gas or Dual Fuel appliance, taking the heat out of potentially stressful installation of these large appliances.

Home appliance installation and disposal

Take advantage of our installation and disposal services across our range of electricals. These services are available for most parts of the country; select as you purchase your product. We also offer a number of after-sales services for home furnishings.

Built-in appliance installation

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Slush machine

Bouncy castle popcorn candy floss machine slush machine soft play hire in London area kq

Hackney, London Bouncy castles 10ft x 10ft £50 10ft x 12ft £60 12ft x 12ft £70 12ft x 15ft £80 12ft x 15ft slide combo £85 15ft x 15ft £100 15ft x 17ft £100 15ft x 15ft Play park £120 12ft x 12ft Gladiator dual £85 18ft x 18ft Gladiator dual £150 Popcorn Candy f

Slush machines for hire

We have 6ltr and 12ltr Slush machines for hire in west midlands in areas such as walsall, Wolverhampton, Cannock, Willienhall, Dudley, West bromwich, Tamworth, Birmingham and many more.

Slush Machine Maintenance

Slush machine and slush syrup suppliers by SlushCo and Denby Dale Coffee. We only supply premiumslush machinesand slush ‘puppy’ machines with full onsite parts and labour warranty. We do not sell cheap imported slush machines from the far east as in our experience, although they can cost a few hundred pounds less, we believe it’s a false economy buying sub standard equipment that have a good chance of breaking after only a few months leaving the buyer struggling to source parts not to mention an engineer who is able to repair said slush machine(s).

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