5Kw log burner

Woodburning Stoves and Multifuel Stoves

These wood burning stoves have been selected by us to provide you with a broad range of brands and types of woodburner. We also include some mulitfuel stoves which can burn wood or coal. As the winter draws in there is nothing quite so appealing as sitting in front of a cosy crackling wood stove.

Multifuel Hunter 5kw stove good condition

Dereham, Norfolk Hunter 5kw multifuel stove in good working order – no repairs needed. Burns wood or coal. Only replacing for a stove with more heat output.Very heavy to move !

Convective or Radiant?

Convective stoves not only have some radiant heat but also use convection chambers to aid in warming cool air, and circulating it throughout the room. These are particularly usefull for larger open plan spaces. They also often require smaller clearances for installation.

The Ultimate Log-Burner Buying Guide

Types of burning stove

Log-burners typically come in two variations – radiant and circular. Circulating stoves heat air internally before sending it out into the room, whereas radiating stoves simply generate and radiate heat as they go. They are traditionally made from an outer shell of cast iron or steel.

Though not as efficient as a modern boiler, they are a marked improvement on previous generations of wood-stoves.