Absorption refrigerator

What is an Absorption Chiller?

An absorption chiller, also known as an absorption refrigerator, is a cooling system that uses a heat source, in lieu of electricity and a compressor, to drive the device. The systems are commonly used where excess heat is available and are considered a type of heat recovery device. Trigeneration, production of electricity, hot water, and air conditioning, is also possible because of the design of the system and the ease of which it can be integrated into other building systems.

Absorption chillers use no moving parts and are powered by heat alone.

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Why is the Refrigerator Freezing? (My propane refrigerator problem explained)

The back of the refrigerator has two air vents that are exposed to the outside. Unlike electric refrigerators, propane units for RVs and mobile homes require ventilation to the outside. Absorption style refrigerators that run on propane rely on the temperature differential between the lower vent and the upper one.

Not to mention, burning propane produces carbon monoxide, which needs to be vented outside of the cabin.

A low-cost solar-energy stimulated absorption refrigerator for vaccine storage

A.H. Uppal, B. Norton and S.D. Probert Applied Energy, 198 vol.

2 issue pages 167-1Abstract:A small capacity (litre) solar-energy stimulated water/ammonia absorption-type (i.e. with no moving parts) refrigerator has been developed to store vaccines in remote locations in the Third World. For this, conventional absorption-cycle and solar-energy systems have been modified and coupled in a novel way to produce a reliable, low-cost refrigeration unit. Date: 1986

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