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LG GSL325NSYV American Style Fridge Freezer

Preston, Lancashire LG GSL325NSYV American Style Fridge FreezerProduct has previously been used however is fully refurbished and works perfectly fine.Surface marks as shown in picture.All our appliances are fully tested by qualified appliance engineers profes

LG GSL545NSYV: How much will it cost to run?

Surprisingly very little indeed considering its sheer size and capacity. We calculated the LG was going to consume around 351KWh per year (£5per year*) which was even more economical than LG’s published figures of 463KWh (£6per year*). Of note if you wanted the freezer to genuinely hit -°C and the refrigerator to average °C you would need to set the thermostat temperatures a couple of °C lower than indicated. This would increase energy consumption, potentially raising the energy consumption figures to nearer those quoted by LG.

Even so, unless you live in the tropics or have your kitchen heated to oven like temperatures, the LG is a very economical fridge freezer.

How much do LG’s fridge freezers cost?

LG has a smaller range of fridge freezers than some brands. Prices range from around £4to £80 with models with a stainless-steel or brushed-steel finish costing more than the ordinary white, black or silver versions.

American Style Fridge/Freezer, LG Premium ez Digital

Winchester Collection only White, with ice-maker water supply. Total width 90cms (inside fridge 43cms, inside freezer 30cms), depth 70cms inc handles, Height 176cms. Approx years ol fully working, but few knocks. Call

American Fridge Freezer LG GWL207FBQA 508L

WatfordAmerican fridge freezer lg gwl207fbqa 508l.Another item that needs to go from my garage. a small dint to the bottom of the fridge.See also: