Auger oven

Wickes Auger Wood Drill Bit 8x150mm

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Rawlplug 72-0Auger Wood Drill Bit 13mm

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Wickes Wood Drill Bit 10mm Pack 2

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Understanding the Ortech controller

Many of the rest of the manufacturers have come to the grill industry having first built home heating devices that burn pellets. This is a technology particularly popular in the Northeast and Northwest, but selling furnaces is seasonal, so they all seem to be making grills on the side now.

Multiple Auger cycle photoionisation of manganese atoms by short soft x-ray pulses

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M2Cooker/Coater System

At AC Horn Manufacturing we build quality into our entire process. Our goal for the M2Series Cooker/Coaters is to enable you to create perfect caramel corn with every batch, for years of trouble-free operations. We carefully engineered these precision built machines to do just that, giving you decades of superior performance and durability.

Caramel corn, peanut brittle and other caramel coated products can be manufactured at capacities ranging from 3to 0lbs/hr (depending upon recipe and coating ratio).

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The Klein Flex Bit Auger is used to drill holes through wood within a wall. The screw point tip pulls the bit through wood. A hole in the tip allows for use with wire or cable pulling grips.