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Baking Pot Weather Forecast for Wednesday, August 09

Countries/Belize/Cayo District/Baking PotThe Baking Pot, Cayo District forecast forAug is degrees and Partly cloudy . There is percentagechance of rain and mph winds from the East.

Rule 5: No Screen Shots

Screen shots are not allowed on ATBGE includingbut not limited too instagram, facebook and craigslist. Please download the pictures and rehost them if you would like to post them. Screen shots will be removed.

Tips for Cooking With Ceramic Cookware

Perhaps you are a relatively new cook, still learning what types of recipes you prefer. Maybe you are a dessert specialist who prefers to make sweet treats for after dinner. Or maybe you are a Top Chef fanatic whose homemade meals are nothing short of gourmet.

No matter what you cook in the kitchen, you can find the perfect fit with ceramic cookware.

Sanitize Your Sponges Using the Microwave or the Dishwasher

While you do need to replace your sponges periodically, you can get a little extra life out of them by cleaning them in a certain way. Put a damp sponge in either the microwave on high or on the top rack of the dishwasher. The hot water will kill the sponge’s bacteria and help it last a week or two longer.

Cooking with confidence

Whether you’re creating culinary delights for the family or baking tasty treats, our extensive range of quality cookware, including all the essentials from our Home Collection, will suit all skill levels, styles and budgets.