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Urban Bar design, develop, produce and decorate glasses and barware for the world’s leading spirits and drinks brands. We develop bespoke shapes to support our clients unique brand identities and also offer an extensive range of standard items.

10. Ritzenhof Seidel Beer Mug: £1 Havens

Here’s something for the glass collectors among you. Each year, Ritzenhof commissions illustrators to provide adornment to its range of glasses, which include weissbier, pilsner and this slender mug. Some of the artwork is a little saucy for this sober column, but we do rather like this jolly monk from 200 illustrated by Kathrin Stockebrand.

Each mug comes with a presentation box and beer mats, but if you’re going to drink from it, rather than collect it, you’ll need to provide the beer.

Polypropylene Films in Premium Beverage Packaging

Packaging design is a critical element in establishing brand identity and differentiating yourself from competition, and in the world of food and beverage today, the message that sells is one of luxury, premium quality and craftsmanship. This can be seen in the massive market growth of craft beers in recent years and a return to a preference for top-shelf spirits and the highest quality wines and champagnes. The phenomenon is even making its way into non-alcoholic beverages, where products like soda, iced tea, lemonade, and flavored or sparkling water are getting a high-end makeover, complete with beverage packaging designed to appeal to consumers who are interested in high-end products.

Patron XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur with Tequila 70cl


V Gallery Marshmallow Vodka Liqueur 50cl


Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur 70cl


Tequila Rose Liqueur 50cl Gift Set


Disaronno Wears ETRO 3x 5cl Miniature Set

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Langtons Gin25th September 2013

The Langtons Gin bottle is exceptional, it is a celebration of the Lake District, the softness, the elegance, the freshness and the warmth, created by highly experienced designers using industry leading visualisation, illustration and digital prototyping software to capture its unique brand values.The architectural bottle design was inspired from a piece o