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Digital Ceramic Systems Ltd are the leading suppliers of patented digital ceramic printing technology. We are the only authorised UK supplier of MZ Toner Technologies patented range of Ceramic Toners and specially formulated developers. These products are produced by our business partner MZ Toner Technologies in Germany and distributed any where in the world at factory prices.

Finsbury China Ltd has been producing quality promotional, souvenir, personalised and bespoke designs on to ceramic ware since 1977.

Using the finest earthenware and bone china from around the globe including here in Staffordshire.

Digital printing of ceramics

Digital printing of ceramics and decals

Digital printing of decals and ceramic tiles is already well established. Computer generated images can be printed directly onto ceramic tiles via special inkjet systems. Alternatively a photocopier type system can be used to print onto decal paper.

Of course both these systems require special machines and ceramic inks or toners to produce optimum . Nevertheless these systems are causing a revolution in the ceramic tile industry.

Ceramic Waterslide Transfer Small Sheet Oriental F

CanterburySuper ceramic transfer sheet for use on ceramicplease see all pictures you are bidding on a job lot of ceramic water slide transfers. See also:

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