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There have always been arguments over the type of glasses best suited to the finest brandies and cognacs. Your own personal taste is the only important solution to this age old problem as it is your taste and perception that matters to you. Because of this we are pleased to offer a host of different spirit glasses including many brandy snifters and balloons, any of which could be the best glass to lift your spirits.

About the Zwiesel 18Enoteca Magnum Cognac Glass

The Cognac Magnum Glass serves the strongest Cognac with consummate perfection. The big-bellied shape encourages Cognac and other barrel-aged products to optimally develop their bouquets, and it supports the voluminous symphony of their aromas and flavours.

Kastehelmi tumbler 0cl, ultramarine, 4pcs

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Kartio tumbler 1cl, ultramarine, 4pcs

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Street ice bucket

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Kastehelmi clear

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Kartio glass, 21cl

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Aino Aalto

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Mari bowl 1cm

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Schott Zwiesel Pure Collection

Schott Zwiesel Pure, genuine gourmet enjoyment unfolds to the full. The distinctive flutes of these crystal glasses let the wines breathe emphasize their fine bouquet. Despite its filigree contours, Pure is more robust and dishwasher-safe than most glasses you can rely on that with Tritan crystal glass.

With Pure, you show yourself to be modern and quality-conscious because even enjoyment calls for connoisseurship!

About the Riedel Restaurant Bar Glassware Range

The Riedel Bar collection is composed of a variety of functional and stylish glasses that are designed to enhance the enjoyment of fine spirits, by showcasing their aromatics and flavour characteristics while minimizing the alcoholic bite.