Colourful bowls

ReSpiin Jute Multicoloured Mini Bowls Set of 3

Brighten up your playroom and home with these colourful ReSpiin Jute mini bowls. Available in a set of these nesting bowls have endless uses for the whole family, and can contain a wide variety of toys such as treasure basket items. Encourage young family members to help themselves to their toys and crafts, but also help them learn to tidy up once playtime has finishe following Montessori principles.

Colourful Smoothies and SmoothieBowls

Put your blender through its paces with one of these deliciously colourful smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes. These bright recipes are bound to bring a little sunshine to even the darkest of winter mornings. 

Washing Up Cleaning

Brighten an area of your kitchen that is usually dull as dishwasher with these modern washing up bowls, dish drainers cleaning accessories. A kitchen necessity, these colourful designs are not only practical but will also add a splash of colour to your kitchen space.

Manufacturing Guarantee

We offer a year manufacturing defect from the date stamp on your set which covers manufacturing defects. Please note the guarantee does not cover wear and tear, fading, scratches, pit marks, chips, removal of paint caused by stickers or otherwise.All Aero Bowls are made from solid melamine and are coloured all the way through. We suggest polishing your set with a cloth and a non-abrasive polish will keep your set looking good for years.

We recommend Monkey Grip which has been tried and tested on all bowls.

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