Commercial pasta machine

Pasta Machines

High-quality and flexible pasta production equipment for a wide variety of products!

ProBAKE carries the highest-quality machinery for making any variety of pasta. Our reliable equipment covers each facet of the pasta-making process, including extruding, sheeting and drying. We also offer both manual and automatic machines for producing all pasta varieties, such as ravioli, cappelletti, gnocchi, penne, rigatoni, and many others.

From countertop equipment to industrial machines, proBAKE brings you the solutions you need for your pasta production.

Commercial Pasta Machines

Commercial Pasta Machines

Any chef knows that fresh, homemade pasta has a texture and flavor that is much better than the drie store bought kind. This makes it worth the extra effort to use homemade pasta in their signature pasta dishes. Much more economical and much tastier than the store bought type, pasta makers are also a favorite in many homes.

Shop our selection of easy to operate pasta machines and pasta makers that will have you cranking out fresh pasta in no time at all.

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No matter if you are a restaurant or factory owner you may want to check out an automatic pasta machine that will help your employees create pasta using your own pasta maker recipes. By reading reviews of others that have purchased the products you will find a variety of different pasta makers, which will give you an idea of a real person or company that has used the ones you are looking at, so you can have a better idea as the features, the ease of use and of course help you decide which one or more than one is the best pasta maker that will fit your needs.

John Lewis Pasta Machine with Ravioli Mould

Southampton, Hampshire John Lewis pasta machine with ravioli mould. Rolls out dough and cuts into long shapes, such as spaghetti and fettuccine. Barely use looks new. Pick up only.

Cosway Pasta Maker Machine, Professional Stainless

Delivered anywhere in USA Cosway pasta maker machine, professional stainless.New kitchenaid kpra pasta roller cutter maker 3-piece stand mixer attachmentthe kitchenaid pasta roller set is a must-have for pasta lovers. whip up fresh and delicious homemaDetails:machine, stainless, steel, cutter, cosway, pasta, maker, roller, fresh, spaghettiSee also: