Cut glass tumblers

Crystal Whisky Glasses Tumblers

Carefully selected from the finest UK and European whisky glass manufacturers, our Forever Crystal Whisky Glass collection exudes style and contemporary design combined with traditional manufacturing techniques. We have lead crystal whisky glasses to please the purists as well as cut glass whisky tumblers for a more contemporary feel, perfect for the modern home. Why not combine two or four whisky tumblers with a decanter in the form of a gift set?

These sets make ideal sporting trophies and presentation awards.

Jacobite Limited Edition Cut Glass Collection

Unique, hand-carved and proudly engraved with the Jacobite name plate

Why not treat yourself to a reminder of your Jacobite trip with one of these high quality cut glass pieces? Perhaps take one as a gift?

Crystal Wine Glasses Tumblers Brandys

Every item of Stourbridge Crystal Glass Centre – The Finest English Crystal has been fully handmade hand cut by skilled craftspeople in the heart of the world famous crystal making area of Stourbridge. Each English Crystal design using stunning combination of brilliance and clarity makes every crystal item unique.

Traditional cut crystal glasses and tumblers from Bohemia

Even just a drop of whisky, liqueur, champagne or wine will become a big pleasure with our crystal tumblers and glasses. Traditional rich hand-cut decoration is a great choice. You will discover the absolute purity, sparkling beauty and high quality in every piece you buy.

Cleanipedia recommends

When cleaning your cloudy glasses with your chosen cleaning product, be sure to scrub both the inside and outside – it may look like the grubby film of cloud is inside the glass but it might actually be on the outside!