Espresso machines for home

11. Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine by Sage: £44 John Lewis

We deliberated about whether to include this capsule-only machine because its forte really lies in its multiple milk foam textures – the first Nespresso machine to do so – which means that you can get creative with flat white, cappuccino, lattes and macchiatos. But because the plain espressos are also so goo we decided to go for it. Speed is a strong point too – both in heating up and in cleaning.

3rd Pick: Gaggia Brera  

The Gaggia Brera is a compact super automatic bean to cup espresso machine, which consistently pours out delicious coffee and with its adjustment features, it works as your very own barista (and at a budget price too.)

Your Professional Home Espresso Machine Will Make You the Perfect Host!

During snowy winter days, espresso machines for home come in handy. Don’t be surprised if neighbors come to you for a morning fix of caffeine. You’ll be happy that you have the best home espresso maker on the market for when you have to host a brunch or simply don’t want to venture outside for a smooth, tasty espresso or cappuccino.

Espresso machine guide

The very nature of an espresso machine means that training will be required to maximise the quality of your coffee. Having the correct training will ensure you are confident in your coffee making, all baristas have to start somewhere!

Traditional Espresso Machines

The professional’s choice, traditional espresso machines are synonymous with top quality coffee. Our range of commercial espresso machines includes group, group, group and group models and caters for all abilities of operator.