Expobar office leva

Expobar Office Lever Espresso Machine Review

Let me say this early to get it out of the way. The Expobar Office Lever espresso machine is built like a Sherman Tank out of solid stainless steel and looks as if it takes no prisoners.

Expobar Office Leva Lever espresso apparaat

De Expobar Office Leva Lever espresso apparaat is een zeer robuuste en klassiek vorm gegeven espresso apparaat. De Expobar Office Leva Lever koffiemachines met warmtewisselaar kun je altijd gelijktijdig koffiezetten, stomen en kokend water tappen. Met deze Expobar Eespressomachine zet je de lekkerste koffiesoorten voor nog geen duizend euro, dat zie je nauwelijks bij andere merken. Bovendien handig in gebruik door antikalkfilter in het waterreservoir en de klassieke manometer.

De Expobar Office Leva Lever is een duurzame, stoere kwaliteitsmachine in RVS en chroom. Met unieke Nederlandse gebruiksaanwijzing en Barista tips. The best Value for Money You can get!

Expobar Office eb-Leva Espresso Coffee Machine

The Expobar eb-leva is a traditional one group espresso espresso machine featuring a polished stainless steel body made from 2mm thick stainless steel.

Expobar Lever Leva espresso machine

Expobar Lever Leva espresso machine for coffee lovers who want the best for at a modest price level. The Expobar Lever shares much of the same top components of his famous brother the Expobar Brewtus. The espresso machine is equipted with a commercial-grade Faema Ebrew group, heat exchanger for coffee and steam, classic manometer, hot water tap and solid steel housing. To deliver the best coffee and espresso, including great temperature stability of all copper materials. The Expobar Lever is available with water reservoir or, can be tuned by CasaBarista to main water connection.

Expobar has managed to keep costs down, to present the best priced Ebrew group heat exchanger espresso machine on the market.

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