Gaggia coffee machine service

Gaggia Cubika Plus Espresso Coffee Machine

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Gaggia Cubika Plus coffee machine in great condition. Gasket recently serviced. Always used with brita filtered water so no limescale buildup at all.

Steamer function for milk.

Can you service or repair my espresso coffee machine?

Yes we can help you with this. We work with coffee machine engineers all over the UK who are listed below. These engineers are independent and do not work for us and we can therefore not guarantee their work quality but they are well known in the industry and familiar with our equipment.

Coffee Machine Repairs Service

Segafredo Zanetti New Zealand are the experts when it comes to servicing your coffee machine. We recommend servicing your coffee machine about once every 10cups of coffee (approximately 8kgs of coffee beans).

Coffee Machine Servicing and Repairs

Coffee Machine Servicing Repairs -As a result of selling a full range of Commercial Coffee Machines throughout the UK, we have a nationwide network of Commercial Coffee Machine Engineers providing Espresso Machine Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Repairs and Servicing across the whole of mainland UK. Of course, we can provide you with a brand new coffee machineshould your existingmachine be beyond economical repair.

Coffee Machine Servicing

Carrying out regular servicing will reduce the costs of repair to your coffee machine as well as extending its life. The frequency of servicing will depend on the daily usage, the age and condition of the machine. Regular servicing will also improve the flavour of the coffee and improve the efficiency and power consumption of the coffee maker.