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Pizza ovens are the hot new garden craze… former Blur bassist Alex James reviews the most popular and gives us his best buy

Specialist pizza ovens are rivalling barbecues as the must have garden item this summer. Here we put six of the best to the test

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Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven

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How to light an Alfa Pizza Oven

Jul POSTED BY Angela Slater

Light your Alfa pizza oven easily with eco-firelighters and hardwood logs

Lighting the Alfa pizza oven is really easy but a lot of people are puzzled by the fact that there is only one cavity on the oven; they expect one opening for the fire and a separate one for cooking the pizzas; but they all happen in the same place. The fire heats the ceramic plates in the bottom of the oven and once the fire is well and truly ablaze and has produced glowing embers it gets swept to one side of the oven and the pizzas cook where the fire has been.