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Henny Penny Chicken Pressure Fryer Computron GAS 8000

Manor Park, London Henny Penny Chicken Pressure Fryer Computron GAS 8000Henny Penny Chicken Pressure Fryer available with Basket Handel and filter trays .very nice and clean fully refurbished .you can see in pictures.come and have a look.Machine comes w

Fryers: gas or electricity?

This is due to the relative cost of gas and electricity in the UK at this time. But of course choices are rarely that easy to make and a range of other factors is likely to come into play.

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Deep Fryer Temperature

Being able to control the temperature of your deep fryer is imperative. Simpler units have an on/off mechanism or perhaps a low/medium/high dial. These simplistic temperature control abilities are not very well suited to commercial cooking purposes.

Particular foods contain the optimal cooking temperature and not being able to specify a particular temperature can lead to under or overcooked foods, the first of which could lead to customers falling ill.

How to choose this product

The advantage of a gas fryer over electric fryers is that loose food particles fall into the cold spot and can be easily drained away. This reduces burning, flavor transfer and the frequency of oil changes. However, they can take longer to heat up or reheat to the correct temperature.

On ArchiExpo, these devices are arranged by characteristics such as pressurization or specific use (e.g., for doughnuts).