German kitchen knives

German Kitchen Knives

Our German Kitchen Knives have all the features we love in a blade: an ergonomic, well-balanced walnut handle complements a Japanese-inspired blade without the thick bolster and wide profile that make a Western knife feel unwieldy.

Expert Tip Sharpening

Keep your knives sharp with expert tips and advice on knife maintenance, whether you prefer to sharpen with a set of steels, whetstones or a pull through sharpener.

13-Piece Damascus Steel Knife Block Set

1pc – 8inch chef knife 1pc – 8inch bread knife 1pc – 8inch carving knife 1pc – 5inch utility knife 1pc – inch paring knife 6pcs – inch steak knife 1pc – scissor/kitchen shears 1pc – walnut wood block

Other points to consider

Blade Length

Santoku knives have a shorter blade than chef’s knives and are about inches long, this shorter blade provides more control which can be particularly useful for less experienced chefs. The average length blade for a chef’s knife tends to be inches but can be as long at inches.

8/Joseph Joseph Lockblock Knife Set

Always looking for solutions to common kitchen problems, Joseph Joseph have come up with another innovative design. This block features a lock system- perfect if you have children who like to help out in the kitchen. Just make sure they don’t see you using the easy release button on the side.

Each blade is colour coded and made from Japanese stainless steel.