Glass red wine

Dessert Wine and Fortified Wines

Dessert wines are sweet wines and as the name suggests, they are generally served with dessert. Since there are many dessert wine types, a rule of thumb for choosing a wine is that it must be sweeter than the dessert being eaten.

How to Choose a Wine Glass

Choosing a wine glass depends on the amount of experience that one has when it comes to wine. Unless the person wishes to become a wine connoisseur, he or she only really needs two kinds of wine glasses: white and red. People who want to be ready for all the types of wines that may come their way should get a wine glass with a wide, open bowl for red wine and dessert wine and a narrow bell-like bowl for white wine and sparkling wine.

For those who have issues with constantly tipping over wine glasses, consider going for stemless wine glasses, especially when drinking reds.

A glass of red is NOT good for the heart: Scientists debunk the myth that drinking in moderation has health benefits

Previous studies imply moderate drinkers have less heart disease than abstainersYet, these teetotallers frequently used to drink and cut back or quit for their healthNondrinkers are therefore often less healthy, regardless of their alcohol intakeHealthy older people are more inclined to drink than people with worse healthThis gives the false illusion that moderate drinking promotes boost wellbeing ByAlexandra Thompson Health Reporter For Mailonline

How many units and calories are there in red wine?

Want to know how many calories and units are in red wine, and how that relates to the low risk drinking guidelines? Use our simple guide to find out…