Good frying pans

Lighter, Yet Versatile: Carbon Steel Skillets

Skillets made of carbon steel, a.k.a. black steel, have a few characteristics that are appealing to both the home cook and the professional.

Hard Anodised 26cm Lidded Saute Pan

Aluminium base for even heat distribution. Completely non-stick for easy frying. Use on any hob, including induction. Fully dishwasher safe. Oven safe up to 220°C

Classic 28cm Frying Pan

Generous size for big fry-ups. Rivete rubberised handle for firm grip. Stainless steel base works with any hob. Oven safe up to 180°C. Dishwasher safe non-stick

Why Do You Need Non-Stick Pans?

Unless your favourite hobby is scrubbing pans for hours after busy service, non-stick pans are an essential. Because foo oils and residues can’t stick to the surface on the pan, they are extremely easy to clean, saving you valuable time when it comes to washing up. Time you can use to perfect your cooking techniques, spend more time on dishes or just clock off earlier.