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How do handleless kitchens actually work?

So you might be wondering exactly how you are supposed to get into the new cupboards and drawers of your contemporary kitchen if they don’t have handles. After all the handle seems like quite a fundamental part of this process, but don’t worry. One of the easiest and most common ways handleless cabinets, doors and drawers work are with simple grooves that are cut into the edge of the design on the doors.

Though this kind of luxury kitchen looks sleek and sophisticate there is the problem of crumbs and dirt getting stuck in these grooves, which means they will need regular cleaning. To add to this, you can, of course, see these grooves, which does slightly take away from the impact they make.

Remo Handleless Gloss Dove Grey

With its sleek glossy design, and handleless profile Remo Gloss Alabaster is a premium 22mm thick glossy door, in a stunning laqcuered finish, the ultimate in modern minimalistic style, perfect for those looking for a softer appearance with cutting edge design.

Cooke Lewis Appleby White.

The integrated handles design of our Appleby White kitchen creates a streamlined finish, whilst the high gloss white fascias offer the perfect platform for you to style your kitchen to suit your personality. Team with a pop of colour to complete the look.

Vertical aluminium profile (lateral), 4200x5x41mm, trim to size

Vertical aluminium profile (lateral), 4200x5x41mm, trim to size -Handleless Rail ProfilesDimensions42(H) x5 (W) x (D)