Heat proof paint for metal

What is Heat Resistant Paint and How Does it Work?

Heat resistant or ‘high-temperature’ paint, is designed to withstand high temperatures. They are made in such a way that they won’t break down or crumble when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Heat Resistant Metal Paints

Our range of heat resistant metal paints are specifically designed to endure high temperatures which makes them ideal for use on radiators, pipes, chimneys, barbecues, engines and many more metal items that require heatproof treatment to prevent erosion. We hold a fantastic range of heat resistant paints in a collection of colours will enhance the appearance and protect the subject from breaking down with an overall professional finish. Whether you want to touch up your stove, heated machinery or heated floor decking, we hold fantastic heat resistant solutions for metal surfaces at Maker Coating Online.

Heat-resistant paints – New video!

Jun 2016 Painting Metal newsletterHeat is essential for life to flourish. However, heat and rapid temperature fluctuations also contribute to surface breakage and corrosion. Coatings that can withstand heat and corrosion are required and a lot is expected of them.

High temperature coating for heat protection

When a substrate is continuously subject to extreme temperatures, choosing a heat resistant coating is crucial.High and low temperatures namely, damage some coatings, which leads to premature maintenance and naturally, brings unexpected costs along. The same happens if the substrate remain untreated.

Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint

Stove Bright® high temperature coatings have been developed to provide the highest quality coating for use in applications that require heat resistance up to 650┬░C. With continued research and development, these coating formulations continue to exceed industry demands for improvements in rust protection, chemical resistance, low smoke and other performance characteristics. Over colours are available in an easy-to-apply and quick-drying system, and are available in most colours.