Hourglass uk

From Kim Kardashian’s ‘hourglass’ to Kate Middleton’s ‘skittle’: UK women’s most common body shapes revealed – and it’s good news if you like curves

Most British women are shaped like ovals – and rising levels of obesity are to blame

The Hourglass Economy: An analysis of London’s labour market

Date published:While London has more jobs than ever before, London’s economy faces a unique set of challenges resulting from the loss of mid-skilled employment opportunities and slowing productivity gains.

Chelsea Westminster Hospital

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London have recently renovated and relocated all their children’s departments to make them more patient friendly and less clinical created a ‘Childrens Hospital’ within the main hospital.

An Hourglass Figure

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An hourglass figure? That’ll be £500

The Brazilian butt lift is all the rage among women looking for the ‘golden ratio’. Meet its leading practitioner — and one happy client

Saturday Spotted in Look Again Blouse

Thinking of updating your wardrobe? Then who better to take fashion tips from than the super-stylish Saturdays.Recently photographed at the premiere of We’re the Millers, the girls wowed the paparazzi with their typically gorgeous choice of outfits. One Saturday that especially caught our eye was the ever glamorous, Vanessa White. Sporting Look Again’s very own