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Cuisinart CPK17BPU Signature Collection Multi-Temp Kettle, Brushed Stainless Steel

Larger viewProduct informationDeliveryReturnsSpecial OffersRatings ReviewsSleek and modern the Cuisinart CPK17BPU Multi-Temperature Kettle is beautifully finished in a premium quality brushed stainless steel. With high shine polished design details and an illuminated water window, this kettle will instantly update your kitchen.

Top Variable Temperature Kettles For Best Flavour Drinks

The multi temperature kettle allows you to heat-up water to the accurate temperature you require, from room temperature up to boiling. Virtually every hot beverage holds the perfect temperature, but heating water to the precise temperature implies saving power and enjoying best flavour. See our fast boil kettles.

Ultimate Kettle

The Hotpoint Ultimate Collection digital kettle offers a variety of temperature levels, from 50C to 100C, so the perfect drink can be created at the touch of a button.

MPU (Desktop Tablet)

Pouring is good. The spout pours well as long as you don’t rush it. But we were disappointed with the lower temperature settings, simply because the temperatures were grossly inaccurate.

For example, the 80⁰C setting resulted in water at 87⁰C – what’s the point of having temperature settings at 5⁰C intervals if they’re so inaccurate? Green tea made at 87⁰C was better than that made with boiled water, but 80⁰C would have been better still.

Temperature Controlled Electric Kettles

We take utmost care when brewing our coffee with the Aeropress. We love good tasting coffee and we know you do too. As you know, the little details in your cup of coffee can make the difference.

Beyond perfecting your own Aeropress brewing metho we want to give you the tools you need to cover every aspect of brewing with your Aeropress. We go over the needed water temperatures needed to brew with your Aeropress in this article. So this leaves the question of how do you bring your water to the perfect temperature quickly and easily?

Our answer is a temperature controlled electric kettle!