Limescale filter kettle

How to remove limescale in a kettle

Submitted by Limescale in a kettle is not just unsightly. Limescale also affects the taste of the water coming from your kettle, so your cups of tea of coffee can end up tasting ‘off’ if the issue isn’t dealt with.

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The choice is yours, but we can help you find cheap kettles or quite expensive designer kettles. Apart from the traditional kettles and more common jug kettles, there also modern kettles that make hot water near instantly.

Breville Brita Filter VKJ9Kettle, Silver

Larger viewProduct informationDeliveryReturnsSpecial OffersRatings ReviewsThe Breville Brita Filter VKJ9Kettle is a sleek and stylish design, adding a contemporary element to your kitchen. The integrated Brita MAXTRA filtration reduces limescale and impurities, prolonging the life of your kettle, giving you better tasting tea and coffee.

New Boxed Hotpoint WK30MAR Litre Cordless Kettle Red Was: £89

Leytonstone, London The Hotpoint WK 30M ARis a sleek, contemporary Kettle from Hotpoint. Complete with a 3degree rotating base, a push open button and an added limescale filter this kettle is as much about convenience as it is about style. Other features include bo