Metal food storage containers

Wholesale Metal Food Storage Containers

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Small to Medium Glass Jars

Small to medium glass jars, such as Mason or Ball, are probably the handiest of all food storage and definitely my first go-to to avoid plastic food storage containers. They usually vary in size for ounces to quarts, and can be used over and over. They are handy for:Unsealed jars:Cupboard: dried beans, nuts, cereals, etcCountertop: Home-baked goods, snacks, etcFreezer storage (short-term)*: leftovers, broths, etcProperly sealed (such as pressure canning):Cupboards/Cabinets: sauces, soups, fruits, etcFreezer storage (long-term)*: fruits, veggies, bulk meals, etc

9. 4√óNorth America Pet Box

Long term storage at home isn’t the only reason you’d want to store food for your pet. Day trips and mini excursions call for specialized food storage solutions, and this is a unique one. This Pet Box is a combination of a feeding tray with two sections that hold two cups of food or ounces of water and a ounce water jug. You could fill both sections with food for a total of four cups, which will store perfectly when attached to the jug. At feeding time, detach the water jug, let your dog eat, and then fill the bowls with water.

Great for hikes and camping. At the time of this writing, the red color is less than half the price of the other colors for some reason, but blue, yellow, and beige are available if you don’t mind paying more.


EPA considers composting a form of recycling. Composting is the controlled aerobic or biological degradation of organic materials such as food and yard wastes. Accordingly, it involves arranging organic materials into piles and providing sufficient moisture for aerobic decomposition by microorganisms. Periodic turning of the piles promotes aeration to prevent anaerobic conditions. The resulting humus, a soil-like material, is used as a natural fertilizer, thereby reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

Organic materials continue to be a large component of total MSW (about for food scraps and yard trimmings ), which makes composting a valuable alternative to waste disposal.

Dry Food Storage Containers

Dry foods, such as dried fruits, crackers, cereal, pasta, rice or chips should be stored in an airtight container like a plastic bag or a glass container. A metal tin can also be use as long as the food is in a plastic bag. These foods should not be exposed to air in order to avoid moisture, which will quickly decrease the quality of the food.