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2) What are the harmful substances in fridges?

Most fridges made before 20contain Chlorofluorocarbons (‘CFCs’) or Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (‘HCFCs’) in their insulation material and/or their refrigerant. CFCs and HCFCs are manmade compounds comprising carbon, fluorine, chlorine, and hydrogen. Non-toxic and non-flammable, they were used extensively in aerosols, refrigerators and solvents until it was discovered that the CFC molecules were being broken down by Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and releasing a chlorine atom that was reducing ozone in the atmosphere. Ozone depletion causes increased levels of harmful UV-B radiation to reach our planet.

As a result, an international Treaty (the Montreal Protocol) was signed to phase out their production.

Which? fridge freezer buying guide

Fridge freezers are great for keeping all your food in one place. You need to think about size, capacity and which features might come in handy. Have a look at the Which? Fridge Freezer buying guide for some great advice

How to Fix a Leaking Fridge

A leaking fridgeis a common problem for many households, and often occurs due to one of four reasons, such as faulty door seals, a door which won’t close or faults with the operation trays.

Large and bulky waste collections

Rubbish, waste and recycling You can have mostlarge or bulky waste items collected from outside your property using the Special Collections service, or look at ways to reycle electrical items and furniture and household items.

Smeg American Style Fridge Freezer

Long Stratton, Norfolk Smeg American Style Double Width (84cm) Fridge Freezer.Fridge on top with double doors, freezer drawers below.Approx years ol but no longer fits house following house move.Some scratches on front door during move, but fully functio