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The cold truth about your fridge: So what temperature should it be, and which shelves are best for what foods? Your ultimate guide to getting the best out of your fridge 

BySarah Rainey For The Daily Mail

2) What are the harmful substances in fridges?

Most fridges made before 20contain Chlorofluorocarbons (‘CFCs’) or Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (‘HCFCs’) in their insulation material and/or their refrigerant. CFCs and HCFCs are manmade compounds comprising carbon, fluorine, chlorine, and hydrogen. Non-toxic and non-flammable, they were used extensively in aerosols, refrigerators and solvents until it was discovered that the CFC molecules were being broken down by Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and releasing a chlorine atom that was reducing ozone in the atmosphere.

Ozone depletion causes increased levels of harmful UV-B radiation to reach our planet. As a result, an international Treaty (the Montreal Protocol) was signed to phase out their production.

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The Sports-Drink Revolution

According to Tim Noakes’ book Waterlogge it wasn’t until the 1960s that the importance of staying hydrated while covering long distances began to take hold among the running community. And even then, it wasn’t until the mid-1970s that thoughtful hydration became common practice. Although runners and race directors sidelined the booze, they still had no real concept of how to stay adequately hydrated and maintain energy levels during a race.

A lack of easy-to-transport and nutrient-dense products meant that runners turned to things like oranges, salt, and decarbonated soda for fueling. They’d drink when thirsty, but not much more or less.

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