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Coex Barrier Containers

Our Coex Barrier Packs are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and an inner Polyamide (PA) layer, which prevents the chemicals from permeating through the plastic. Polyamide is very resistant to wear and abrasion and its good mechanical properties prevent the bottle from being weakened in hotter climates.

9. 4√óNorth America Pet Box

Long term storage at home isn’t the only reason you’d want to store food for your pet. Day trips and mini excursions call for specialized food storage solutions, and this is a unique one. This Pet Box is a combination of a feeding tray with two sections that hold two cups of food or ounces of water and a ounce water jug.

You could fill both sections with food for a total of four cups, which will store perfectly when attached to the jug. At feeding time, detach the water jug, let your dog eat, and then fill the bowls with water. Great for hikes and camping.

At the time of this writing, the red color is less than half the price of the other colors for some reason, but blue, yellow, and beige are available if you don’t mind paying more.

Leverage consumer snacking trends with smarter packaging

Today’s consumers are always on the go. Whether it’s rushing to work or speeding to the soccer fiel shoppers are constantly looking for faster, healthier and more convenient snacking options.

PET containers with metal vacuum closures poised to break glass (packaging) ceiling

By: For everyday consumers, it might not be a big deal. At least, not at first glance. But soon, an exciting new technology will enable consumers to purchase more of the products they love, such as pasta sauce, pickles, salsa and jams, in unbreakable clear plastic containers with metal lids.

Stock PET Bottles and PET Containers

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a type of polyester molded into bottles containers available for packaging a wide range of products, most commonly used for wine spirits, sauces dressings, olive oil, cueritos botanas, cosmetics, spices, pharmaceuticals and food applications. The material is strong and lightweight, cost effective and shatterproof. PET has been recognized by health authorities to be safe for foo beverage, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

They are available in narrow neck and wide mouth options in a range of shapes, sizes and neck finishes.