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Bulk Popcorn Value Pack: x kg Sleeves With 2Serving Scoops

large sleeves of ready-to-eat popcorn, popped in the U.K. by Tommy Tucker. Each sleeve is over metre in height, with around cinema-quantity servings per sleeve. Over 2servings in total!

The Benefits of the Popcorn Machine

Commercial units are the perfect machines to make larger batches of fresh popcorn. Using a pan or a domestic version can be messy and severely limit the amount you can make, meaning portion sizes are smaller. These machines also feature stylish traditional designs to attractively merchandise foo helping to promote impulse sales.

Additionally, as these machines are usually on for hours at a time, they are built to be strong and reliable.

Kibbled Popcorn Tiffin

A gooey and chocolately tiffin square topped with chocolate sauce and kibbled toffee popcorn.This application is visually striking and the kibbled popcorn imparts an evenly spread popcorn flavour.

3. General food products

This section explains how the criteria for zero-rating explained at paragraph apply to general food products supplied for both home consumption and for processing within the food industry.

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