Pull out storage

Pull-out Art Storage Systems

As a prominent supplier of storage solutions and pull out picture racking to Art Galleries and Museums all over the UK, Ampfab is at the forefront of mobile picture racking system design and manufacture; renowned for safe and efficient art equipment and fine art storage and racking.

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Pull-Out Storage Racks

You can buy all kinds of clever storage racks these days which make the use of awkward spaces in the kitchen. But some of them are a bit complicated and difficult to fit to an existing set-up. However, this new range of pull-out racks by Wenko look quite simple to fix and would suit a variety of uses.

The chrome wire baskets fasten to a metal slider which attaches underneath or on top of a cupboard shelf. Thus providing a simple and accessible way of storing items at the back of a cupboard.

Screens Panels Storage

Screens and panels storage systems optimize your storage space while using minimal footprint. These space-efficient mobile storage systems increase the productivity of any warehouse or factory environment.

Pull Out Kitchen Storage Baskets

Maximise your kitchen storage

Complete your kitchen base units with these handy pull out metal storage baskets. Out of date tins and jars will be no more, now you can pull out the basketand reach those items right at the back of the cupboard with ease.

Clear Under Sink Pull-Out Caddy

Store your beauty, health and household items in our simple Clear Under Sink Pull-Out Caddy. Made of clear, high-quality plastic, this modularunit conserve on horizontal countertop real estate. Place under your sink, on your countertops or even your home office.