Red stove

Cooktop Configurations

Our ranges can be tailored to suit your own cooking preferences.Choose from models that offer integrated cooktop accessories, including built-in griddles, charbroilers, and even the chef-preferred French Tops.Or, enjoy maximum flexibility with the Platinum Series, which includes an integrated griddle charbroiler system that can be moved to any position on the stovetop.Plus, custom design a range with the burners where you want them.The options are limitless!

Wood-burning stove sales are red hot!

A cold climate of austerity, rising energy prices, and the long dark nights of winter have combined to dictate that staying in is the new going out.

Stove Chambers – Cobbled Red Piece with Returnsbrick chamber

The Cobbled Red Piece with Returnsbrick chamber

Made to Measure Chambers on request, slabbe with returns and arches.

Our Fireplace Packages

Our showrooms are full of fireplaces and ideas for your room you can choose from. We also try to make it easy for you with a selection of fireplace packages using our products.These can be altered to you preference example colours, alternative interiors, surrounds etc. We have xpackages to choose from:

Q. Why is Xtrema not made in the USA?

A. Presently there are no Ceramic factories in the USA which have the materials or the trained artisans to make our unique high temperature, handcrafted Xtrema Cookware.