Solid silver hip flask

Use Antique Solid Silver Glass Oval Hip Spirit

BathThis lovely tactile glass and sold silver spiritthis is a solid silver bayonet hip flask with good age. it has a gilt top when opened. Everyone forgets a birthday now and then, so if you would like your item shipping for next day delivery please let us know Details:silver, glass, spirit, flask, antique, soli oval, victorian, lovely, tactileSee also:

History of Antique Solid Silver Flasks

As a storage vessel, flasks have had several general uses over the course of history. From gunpowder to perfume, they have kept substances on stand-by for those times of need that may arise unexpectedly. However, most commonly it is the storing of spirits that solid silver flasks are generally known for. The storing of alcohol is an ancient endeavour, going as far back as the Middle Ages when fruit was gutted in order to store and drink liquor from its skin.

During the eighteenth century, smuggling gin onto warships was believed to have occurred with the help of pig bladders.

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The reason why hunters need a hip flask?

We live in a beautiful country with some of the most enviable landscapes in the world. However, warm days are very few and far between. So on long, cold and dark winter days during a hunt, a sip or two of your favourite tipple is exactly what the soul needs.

And on those rare, sunny days, it’s the perfect little pick-me-up. Of course, if you wish you can use thermos flasks filled with hot tea or coffee.

Use Superb Quality Sterling Silver Mounted Croco

Shipping to United StatesSuperb quality sterling silver mounted crocodile.The cap screws on and off without any problems. view all images, which are inclu. Rate for shipping and handling varies for US addresses on all items for saleSee also: