Steam dishwasher

Some things to keep in mind

Of all major appliances, dishwashers are among the easiest to tell when they’re not doing their job. Sopping or food-encrusted dishes mean something’s not right, but it might just be your loading technique. Some dishwashers need rinse aid or they’ll leave everything wet, thanks to their condenser drying mechanisms. Modern detergent actually reacts to the enzymes in foo so if you pre-rinse your dishes, it won’t properly activate.

Your owner’s manual has diagrams of how you should position your dishes so that the spray arm can reach everything.

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Dishwasher Steam Pre-wash

The Steam Pre-wash option begins loosening soils before the powerful wash cycles begin to help eliminate stuck-on soils. This option runs automatically with the selection of the DeepClean cycle, or it can be selected as an option to run before any other cycle. This whole Steam Prewash including the circulate time is roughly minutes in addition to a wash cycle.

How to Diagnose Dishwasher Leaking and Heating Problems

A leaking dishwasher can be caused by a number of reasons, in this eSpares video Josh looks at how to diagnose the cause of a leak, as well as heater problems. We will look at what parts of the appliance could be causing the issue you are experiencing, and hopefully help you to find the specific fault that is at blame.


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