Storage boxes for clothes

Extra Small Knit-Effect Basket Dune

litre round basket with handles. For storing smaller items. Discreet sand colour suits any decor. Won’t rust, fade or warp. Matching items available

Classroom School Storage

Boxes for all subjects, From Nursery to University

Food Handling Storage Boxes, Bottle Crates Catering Bins

Food Storage Trays, Bottle Crates, Catering Bins, Jerrycans, Buckets,

Plastic Bottle Storage Crates

Heavy Duty Commercial Crates

What to know before packing clothes for moving

When it comes to packing clothes, everyone has a certain degree of experience – after all, who hasn’t packed garments in suitcases and hand bags for long vacations or short trips? Or what about filling up storage boxes with pieces of clothing which you don’t intend to use anytime soon? At first glance, packing clothes in boxes does not seem like a hard task at all – rather, it seems like a fairly straightforward process where nothing can go wrong.

Use every inch of space with our space-saving bedroom storage solutions!

ShoesThere are so many ways to keep your shoes stored neatly. A shoe tidy cupboard or shoe tidy cabinet look neat. You could try a hanging shoe tidy, shoe stackers or under bed shoe tidy to really maximise your space.

Alternative a shoe rack cupboard or shoe rack cabinet looks great.

Wardrobe with mirrors (assembled)

Greenfiel Manchester Door wardrobe fitment centre door mirrors draws builtin middle Rail shelves inside Comes ready assembled fixed Comes in many colours/shades (Ready to use) £255 Matching draws,bedsides available Home Delivery Only (Small charge) No Showroom