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Limited Edition Rick Wakeman Piano

We are very excited about a project we are undertaking with keyboardist, songwriter, television/ radio presenter, author and actor Rick Wakeman. Rick has released over albums in his illustrious career, and worked with many other legends of music during the past years. He recently received many accolades for his tribute to David Bowie, which he performed live on Radio Two. (You can watch the video of that performance below).

Rick was the keyboard player on the original recording.

Wholesale Teapot Designs

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Sketchbook of designs for pewter teapot

Sketchbook containing sketches, designs, finish experiments and photographs of finished teapot made by the designer during her final year at Camberwell College of Art. The postcard and photographs are source material showing stacked rounded forms followed by her own inspired sketches and workings on this theme.

What is a planisphere?

A planisphere is a type of mechanical computer, like a slide rule.This kind of computer allows you to select a date and time, then shows you what stars will be visible in the sky at that moment.The face of a planisphere is a map of the night sky.You can use it to identify stars and constellations, and to make your way around the sky when using a telescope or binoculars to view the heavens.

Pill Pack Printer: Personal Pharmacy Delivered to Your Door

Remembering to take your medicine can be hard if you have lots of pills to pop on a daily basis, but this one-stop, custom-printed packaging solution promises to help you get and stay on schedule