Vegetable fridge

Pret a Manger is introducing all-veggie fridges in itsstores

Share this article with FacebookShare this article with TwitterShare this article with PlusShare this article with WhatsappShare this article through emailShare this article through sms(Picture: Pret a Manger) Well, would you look at Pret going beyond the standard egg mayo sandwich and getting all veggie-friendly.

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1) Tomatoes – they prefer room temperatures

The humble tomato is a staple ingredient in our VOriginal Juice, and one we’ve got to know very well over the years. The thing is, a lot of people store them incorrectly. To get the best flavour and consistency, tomatoes should be stored in temperatures of °C to 10°C according to a University of California study*. This is warmer than our fridges’ temperature, which sit at around of °C to °C.

So rather than head to the fridge next time you bring in the shopping, try keep them at room temperature instead.

Fresh times or times as long – the choice is yours.

For good meals you need fresh ingredients. Siemens refrigerators come equipped with freshness systems that make keeping food fresh easy and flexible, so meals are always delicious regardless of when you find time to shop.


Putting tomatoes in the fridge will stop them from ripening and kill their flavour. According to Mercola, placing tomatoes in the fridge changes their chemical structure and reduces the amount of volatiles compounds in the fruit, which affects their flavour. A tomato’s texture and colour can also be affected by cold temperatures and “chilling injuries” caused by temperatures below 5C canleave the fruit soft and pitted on the surface.