Wifi cooker

Consistent temperature control

Consistent oven heat is essential for perfectly cooked meals. The Temperature Control feature maintains an extremely precise temperature with little fluctuation, so your dishes are cooked exactly how you want–every time.

Hoover Wizard HHV97SLX Wi-Fi Chimney Cooker Hoo Stainless Steel

Larger viewProduct informationDeliveryReturnsSpecial OffersRatings ReviewsThe future of kitchen appliances has arrived with the HHV97SLX Wi-Fi Chimney Cooker Hoo part of Hoover’s range of Wizard Smart Appliances.

Anova Precision Cooker WiFi Benchmark

The prior two sections presented the specifications for the Anova Precision Cooker WiFi. This section will demonstrate what actually happens when the rubber hits the road. We have created the Sous Vide Machine Benchmark that runs the immersion circulator through a series of lifelike scenarios to see how it operates in the real world.


Upon pulling the Anova out of the box you will begin to connect to your WiFi.This was kind of painful process as it was not registering the WiFi on the device and we had to repeat a few times.Once you get that going, everything else is pretty much smooth sailing.You simply clip the device to your pot full of water and go into to the app and find the right temperature setting for your food and boom! For the first 5-times, we had issues getting the device to connect to our app and had constantly unplug the Anova and re-open the app to get it to sync.However, our last attempts seem to have this issue resolved.We did sometimes lose connectivity with our App to the Anova but this seemed to be on the rare side (like our steaks!).

About Anova

Anova started to manufacture precision cooker to add extra benefits to your cooking method. Anova stands unique from others with its advance improvement in the design feature and quality. They equip convenient usage to control the sous vide appliance through the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Not only they implement the Wi-Fi facility but also they feature with Bluetooth connection through smart phones and so many.